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House System

MANGAL VIDYALAYAM infuses the child with the spirit of camaraderie, cohesion and competitiveness. Each child from grade 1 onwards is initiated into the house system and is placed in a House and is gradually introduced to the ethos of the institution.

‘It is not a disgrace if the dreams are not fulfilled, but it is, if we have no dreams to dream.

Our four houses are aptly named

Discipline Red
Devotion Blue
Dedication Orange
Determination Green

Each house has a House Master and House Mistress to whom he/she may turn for assistance at any time. All students from class I and above are placed in the four houses and all activities academic, co-curricular and intermural, are based on inter-house competitions

The house system has been devised to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging to the school. The Houses compete in different sporting, cultural, and academic competitions, and provide an excellent way to synergize pupils of different classes and ages, all of whom have a common goal and purpose.