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About Us

History of our school

Mangal Vidyalayam, established on June 27, 2001, operates under the aegis of the Amara Raja Educational Society, a CSR initiative of the $1.75 billion Amara Raja Group. The institute was founded as a tribute to the parents of the group’s Chairman, Dr. Ramachandra N Galla, namely, Smt. Galla Mangamma garu and Sri Galla Gangulu Naidu garu. ARES is built on the ideals of Sri P Raja Gopal Naidu garu, a former Parliamentarian, prolific writer, educationist, and social reformer.

Beyond preparing students to meet academic standards, our school places a strong emphasis on equipping them to confront the challenges of a competitive world. We consider it a matter of paramount importance that our students are not only academically adept but also possess strong discipline and the capacity to excel in their lives.

The learning environment we foster ensures that every student can thrive as an individual. We set high expectations for academic achievement while simultaneously focusing on holistic education and the overall development of our students. We offer equal opportunities to all students, fostering an inclusive environment that supports each one of them. Not only that, but we cherish the relationships we’ve forged over the years, maintaining close ties with our dedicated staff, students, parents, alumni, and all our valued stakeholders and well-wishers.

President’s message

Dr Ramachandra N. Galla


Amara Raja Educational Society was built on the vision of Sri. Paturi Raja Gopal Naidu garu who touched many lives with his greatness. This has made me realize how fortunate I am to be a part of ARES.

It fills me with a sense of duty to dedicate ourselves and strive for the task of keeping his ideologies alive and ensure that they are reflected in the lives of our students.

There lies ahead of us a great responsibility of constantly supporting them in moulding themselves as responsible global citizens who are equipped with all the skills required to be successful in their lives.

Educators and parents should team up to analyze the challenges faced by our students and provide necessary guidance and support.

They need 21st Century skills like critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, collaborative working, communication skills, and be sensitive to the conservation of resources for sustainable development to fit into this ever changing and dynamic society.

We should encourage our students to take responsibility of their learning, blending their efforts with the efforts of teachers and parents, thus transforming themselves into internally motivated, lifelong learners.

They should not just think of themselves but also care for their fellowmen by contributing to the society and exhibit humanity.

Together if we work towards this great mission, we can surely build a strong nation.

May God bless our endeavor